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Digital Marketing Course Chandigarh


The digital revolution is here to stay. And businesses already have this realization by revamping their strategies accordingly and making use of latest digital techniques to stay ahead in the competition. In addition to this, the need for digitally skilled manpower has increased as more and more companies are looking for candidates that are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to attain online success.

However, finding the right applicant isn’t that simple! It can be a daunting task as the students often have limited exposure to the real world and fail to realize the importance of practical knowledge over rote learning.

This is when the idea was born at RedAlkemi to launch a new venture called ‘RedAlkemi Digital Academy-RADA’, a comprehensive digital marketing course in Chandigarh, that will offer an innovative learning experience not only for students but also for working professionals and entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of RADA is to provide an enriching learning experience for the better understanding of the digital world and to know closely what happens behind the scenes of a digital agency. At RADA, students get to work closely with experienced trainers & team members on live projects. Through this, they gain hands-on knowledge and explore various facets of Digital Marketing while working on live-projects currently handled by RedAlkemi.

Our aim is to produce skilled professionals and create good placement opportunities at RedAlkemi and in the outside world in the future.

Why Train with RADA?

Learning digital marketing with RADA ensures that you are exposed to the actual workings of a digital marketing agency. Most digital marketing courses in Chandigarh focus on theoretical learning do not offer hands-on experience and do not give students the opportunity to work on live projects. As a result, students who have had exposure to only digital marketing theory are unable to display skill or talent when it comes to delivering work. On the other hand, students who train with RADA are skilled when it comes to delivering good quality work in the field of digital marketing because they have had the opportunity to practise their skills by working on real projects.

RADA offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. With over 20 years of experience in digital and internet marketing, we have a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of how the digital world works. At RADA, we encourage creative thinking, open communication between students and trainers and stimulating brainstorming sessions! We are your one-stop solution to personal and professional growth in the field of digital marketing.

About RedAlkemi

RedAlkemi helps SMEs with end to end management of their online presence. We develop strategies specifically targeted to an audience, with the objective of delivering maximum traffic and leads to a business. We help clients with their online marketing strategy, from Digital Branding, Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing to Social Media Management, we handle it all.