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    Great work place, enthusiastic team members, very cooperative and understanding colleagues, amazing work environment and a lot of opportunities to gain knowledge in this company

    Personally I learned several digital marketing skills in this company by working individually on educational, health & fitness and other service related websites.

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    While at RedAlkemi, I got familiar with a professional and a competent team who made me realize what a motivated team can achieve. An efficient and informal work culture left a big impression on my mind. While learning at work was a purpose fully achieved!

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    Working for RedAlkemi was one of the best experiences of my life, it has taught me about the person I am and had given me lots of skills and directions. Anuja, the CEO, provided me the support I all needed in my day to day work. Thanks to her for letting me be a part of the RedAlkemi family. From the day I joined RedAlkemi, I've seen myself transform as a professional in more than one way. I would like to thank everyone who had contributed in any way to my journey.

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    I had a very wonderful experience during my internship in RedAlkemi. The friendly and healthy working environment of the place was a motivator in my learning process. The seniors were helpful and supportive. Learning was fun and very productive. Got familiar to my strengths and weaknesses.

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    RedAlkemi has been an entry point to start my career in Web Development industry. It was a great opportunity for me to get appointed as a PHP trainee here. As I joined RedAlkemi as a fresher, I learnt a lot of things that I was willing to, came to know the usage of various Web Dev tools, got so much exposure here when working on our product and other projects. I can see a huge difference in myself between the day I joined RedAlkemi and today in the context of improvement. RedAlkemi has given me a chance to show my existing skills and to develop my skills further, I have progressed and experienced so much globally thanks to RA and the support I have been given to grow my career. Working in RA has been a great experience for me. I found here a joy of working. The entire team is so supportive and positive. With support of such supportive team, every complication or hurdle can be rectified, doesn't matter how big it is.

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    Hey I am Ritu! Am Working in Redalkemi as a graphics designer! My Experience is really good at RA. Because I learn a lot of things related to designing. When I came here, I just knew about Photoshop and Illustrator. But I was learnt about two new software’s which are Final cut Pro X and Canva. When I came here I did not know about these software’s. Rashi, my trainer taught me these, she taught me about my work, how I’m doing my work with perfection. And Rashi really is the best trainer. Ada also teaches me a lot’s of things about my work! She teaches me how to do my work professionally. Thank you so much RA  for giving me the best training!

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    It was great and interesting experience till now, as I was a fresher when I joined so I was like an empty book in the line of development, but now after three months I can see some weightage in my knowledge. I learned different creative things which gain my interest towards PHP. The atmosphere of company is very good all the staff members are very good with the nature. Everyone gives equal respect to all others.

    To recapitulate, I felt very good to work in this atmosphere and excited for future to fill the empty book with knowledge.

    Thank you!!!

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    It’s really cool to be a young intern in RedAlkemi. I met other interns, having the same interest as I share.

    I learned how to be in an office and how to do digital marketing and many more things from my experienced colleagues. I have got some important tips from Atul Sir about digital marketing and digital marketing careers which will be beneficial for me in the future.

    My internship during college gets me to the job after graduation as it provided me with working experience; my internship also taught me those important real-world skills I need to thrive at that first job after college.

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    The reason I chose RedAlkemi is that it is one of the best digital marketing agency in the city with many years of experience. The staff at RedAlkemi was very cooperative and is very keen to share their knowledge with others. As this was my very first experience as an intern I was a bit nervous, but the staff and the environment was so supportive that I didn’t feel nervous lately. RedAlkemi helped me build my confidence in this one month’s span and improve my designing skills.

    I would really recommend anyone who wants to learn and is trying to build up his/her identity in this field to be a part of RedAlkemi and experience how a digital marketing agency works.

    Thank you.

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    RedAlkemi is a great place to work. My experience with this company has been amazing. Here I got a positive & friendly environment. I have learned many things. The staff of redalkemi is very impressive. My senior Yash Pal sir is a good guy. He always helps & suggests me to do a good work.

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    The 12 week program that I completed with RADA has been an amazing journey. I would like to thank Anuja for her expert guidance throughout. The guidance provided here is very helpful. The best thing about this place is that we can go and clear the doubts anytime and the trainers are always very welcoming and warm. The sessions are very interactive and expand our knowledge immensely. I am extremely happy for what I learned from this experience as a whole and recommend others to join RADA if you see a future in Digital Marketing.